Currently, we offer cabinet doors in about 50 different styles. Each of them can be combined with more than 40 different colour ie. we have more than 2000 different cabinet doors to choose from! Should you not find what you are looking for, please contact us! We can acquire almost anything that the market has to offer.

All laminated surfaces are covered with a 3D laminate, which means that they have a 3-dimensional surface. Colours with wooden patterns are either flat or have embossed wooden textures while unicolour laminates usually have grained surfaces. Some of the laminated profiles can be painted with beige, red or brown paint around the edges to obtain a unique antique-effect.

Veneer cabinet doors have a stained wood venner surface. Each profile is produced in oak, beech, alder och cherry with 21 different surface treatments. Both laminated and veneer cabinet doors are produced to fit your cabinets.

Laminated profiles. Each profile is produced in about 50 different colours. Click on the photos for more information.

Brindisi köksluckor Zaragoza köksluckor Köksluckor Venezia Köksluckor Torino-G Köksluckor Napoli-C Köksluckor Torino-H Köksluckor Bolzano Köksluckor Napoli-A Köksluckor Napoli-B Köksluckor Murcia Köksluckor Orly Köksluckor Firenze-B Köksluckor Andorra Köksluckor Lyon Köksluckor Lissabon Köksluckor Firenze-A Köksluckor Ravenna Köksluckor Palma-Classic Köksluckor Bello Köksluckor Bello-Classic Köksluckor Modena Köksluckor Palma Köksluckor Modena-Classic Köksluckor Salerno Köksluckor Genova-B Köksluckor Genova-A Köksluckor Sassari Köksluckor Valencia Köksluckor Sevilla Köksluckor Palermo Köksluckor Galicia Köksluckor Tarragona Köksluckor Trieste Köksluckor Parma Köksluckor Cartagena Köksluckor Padova Köksluckor Pisa Köksluckor Torino-E Köksluckor Rondo Köksluckor Calabria Köksluckor Trento Köksluckor Mallorca-Classic Köksluckor Girona Köksluckor Mallorca Köksluckor Sardinien Köksluckor Sicilien Köksluckor Alicante

Laminated Modelles with antique treatment:

Köksluckor Zaragoza Antik Köksluckor Venezia Antik Köksluckor Modena Antik
Köksluckor Mallorca Antik

Veneer Modelles. Each Modelle is produced in 21 different colours.

Köksluckor Dominica Köksluckor Barbados Köksluckor Tobago Köksluckor Jamaica