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We - at KÖKSGIGANTEN - work hard to find the best suppliers. We only cooperate with reliable, professional and effective manufacturers who can guarantee the absolutely best quality. There are only well-established companies with many years of experience among our suppliers. We avoid unnecessary expenses but we do not spare on quality.

Laminated cabinet doors… are made of solid, 18mm thick, MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) core that is covered with a resistant easy-to-clean 3D laminate. Compared to particle board, MDF is not only more expensive but also denser, harder and has a smoother surface. Compared to real wood, MDF does not move” (expands and contracts) and does not strain the same way as wood.
Your new cabinet doors are produced with Europe's most modern CNC-controlled machines. Furthermore, 20 years experience and the ISO certificate guaranties superior quality. Our “supplier manufactures cabinet doors for over 25 000 kitchens yearly and have sales representatives in 6 countries.

Concealed hinges… we use has also the best possible quality. They are produced in Europe by Blum and Titus, both of them giving lifetime guaranty. The hinges are adjustable in all 3 directions (height, side and depth) and are shipped together with mounting plates that fits to every type of cabinet. Doors can be mounted or dismounted with a simple press.